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We are a family-run, small business that is dedicated to making displays for KPOP merch! With KPOP fans in the family, we wanted to create something we thought people would need!!


..... More room to display your favorite photocards!!


Of course, you can use regular pictures with our products too. Or even use them to show off another collection of yours! The possibilities can be endless, but either way, our products are meant to showcase your favorite items!

Each product is handmade and hand-painted by each of us, so we've really dedicated our time to this shop. While we started with picture and photocard displays, we also want to expand and create other products that can show off even more collector items! So we really appreciate everyone's support and feedback, it really helps our business grow! <3

Thank you for taking the time to check out our shop!

Hopefully, you decided to stick around and enjoy the ride with us!! :) 


Hey there! ^^

- AnnzRackz <3


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